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Winter Preparations

When getting ready to put your caravan away for the winter, there is certain tasks you can do to provide that extra care for that pride and joy over this period.

  1. Emptying the drain water

  2. Leave your taps open and on

  3. Ensure you disconnect the shower hose

  4. For safety and insurance purposes remove any gas bottles

  5. Leave cupboard doors ajar

  6. Put your fridge on the latch

  7. Disconnect your battery unless you have solar pannels

  8. Leave water catchers in for winter

  9. Have a winter polish

  10. Remove food crumbs

Pros and Cons of covering your caravan



Protects from rain, dirt, tree SAP and animal droppings

Causes the caravan to overheat and in extreme cases cracks

Protects From UV fading

Known to cause damp


Mouldy caravan as material not breathable

Prevents scratches while travelling

Causes scratches during windy weather

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