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Gas Safety in your Caravan & Motorhome

Book your caravan/motorhome to have a service and repair to ensure gas safety.

Gas Pipes

The provision of lighting, heat and power in your caravan/motorhome are elements needed for comfort when away on holiday.

Almost all holiday homes use both gas and electric so it’s important to know what correct maintenance and regular checks are needed for you and your family’s safety.

Gas Appliances

Gas equipment and appliances like your gas hobs should be regularly serviced for peace of mind.

Annually is the recomended time to have this checked.

We have a MCEA approved professional who completes our checks in Pilling, Garstang, Blackpool, Lancaster on your caravan/motorhome.

He will beable to pick up any leaks or discepencies with the gas.

Caravan Safety - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Carbon monoxide is a gas that can kill. You can't see it, taste it or smell it, but it can work quickly with no warning and lead to death. Accidents which have happened as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation have been caused by a number of contributions, normally involving two or more of the following factors:

Inadequate ventilation

Unsatisfactory flueing

Poor appliance performance

Inexperienced tampering

Lack of servicing and routine maintenance

Not following instructions correctly

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

These can be bought in our shop and supplied when a service has been completed on your caravan/motorhome and has been identified has needing a new one.

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