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Storage Terms and Conditions


All vehicles are stored onsite subject to these terms and conditions


“We” or “The Company” or “Us” is: S2s Enterprises Limited. Trading as: Stewart Morley Storage


“You” or “Owner” is the signatory to these terms and conditions

“Vehicle” is your car, caravan, campervan, motorhome, trailer, boat or any other vehicle as agreed by Us

“Premises” is the secure storage area (under a roof or on enclosed land space) used by Us for the purpose of storing your vehicle

“Storage Period” is a calendar month although shorter storage periods can be agreed by Us

“Access Hours” are: Monday to Friday 0900 Hours to 1800 Hours Saturday 0900 Hours to 1600 Hours. Excluding Public Holidays.


“Storage Charge” is the charge paid for storage in any one Storage Period

“Reasonable Notice” is 28 days given by You or Us in writing, email, phone call or via online form


  1. All prices for storage are charged per calendar month or per 12 Months. Part months are charged on a pro-rata basis. A Storage Period is renewed on a month by month or year by year basis and can be changed upon Reasonable Notice given to Us or by Us in writing, email, phone call or via online form. 

  2. We reserve the right to change prices, specification of services or to amend or discontinue such services with Reasonable Notice being given by Us.

  3. Before your Vehicle is removed by You, your account must be up to date.

  4. Subject to payment of the Storage Charge, We accept temporary custody of the Vehicle for the Storage Period.

  5. The Owner parts temporarily with the Vehicle for the Storage Period and agrees to pay the Storage Charge.

  6. The Vehicle Owner will keep the Vehicle insured at all times during the Storage Period and shall produce a copy of the insurance certificate at the beginning and a renewed insurance certificate annually thereafter. Failure to do this will leave the Owners Vehicle stored at the Owners own risk and We shall accept no liability.

  7. The Vehicle must be secured as per the conditions of an insurance policy at all times.

  8. All personal effects must be removed from the Vehicle and all windows and doors are to remain locked during the Storage Period on the Premises as many insurance policies do not cover personal effects in the Vehicle.

  9. In order to comply with Health and Safety Regulations, all gas bottles are to be removed and taken off site when the Vehicle is on the Premises and no other noxious or hazardous substances are allowed on the Premises.

  10. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the Owner warrants that they have both ownership and legal title to the Vehicle.

  11. Access to the Premises is per the Access Hours and at such other times by prior arrangement with Us. Notice must be given at all times prior to collection of the Vehicle.

  12. Please be aware that all entry and exit movements may be recorded and that the storage Premises are covered by CCTV, some of which are recorded and stored for safety reasons.

  13. The Vehicle is to be parked correctly upon return or left secure in the collection/drop off area.

  14. Storage spaces are not transferable to third parties.

  15. These terms and conditions do not permit the storage or parking of an alternative or replacement Vehicle.

  16. Vehicles should be kept clean, maintained and in good condition.

  17. No trading is allowed from the Premises and a Vehicle must not be offered or advertised for sale while on the Premises.

  18. The Vehicle must not be inhabited during the Storage Period on the Premises.

  19. Major repairs are not to be undertaken on the Premises although minor repairs may be undertaken with the Permission granted by Us.

  20. Where the Vehicle Owner terminates the storage agreement prior to the end of the agreed Storage Period, We will be entitled to charge for the full agreed Storage Period. Prior to termination, the Vehicle Owner must give 28 days notice to Us either by writing, email, phone call or via online form.

  21. In the event of non-payment of the Storage Charge and a reasonable response or no response has been given within 28 days, We reserve the right to retain possession until the arrears of the Storage Charge are settled in full. We undertake to give Notice of Possession by recorded delivery.

  22. In the event of a negative response or no response to the Notice of Possession, legal action may be taken by Us to sell the Vehicle via the relevant, current legislation. We shall notify the Vehicle Owner of the date and place of the sale in such circumstances. The costs of such sale and arrears and reasonable associated costs incurred may be deducted from the balance. The Vehicle Owner will be notified of any balance due or to be retained until collection.

  23. In the performance of these terms and conditions, We will at all times, using our best endeavours, provide security for the Vehicle stored on the Storage Premises but all risks may not be completely eliminated.

  24. We will not be held liable for any damage to the Vehicle or its contents as a result of towing or moving the Vehicle unless it is due to proven negligence by Us.

  25. Should a Vehicle Owner damage another Vehicle on the storage Premises then he/she is required to report the incident immediately to Us.

  26. We reserve the right to refuse a Vehicle that is not deemed acceptable by Us.

  27. We reserve the right to ask a Vehicle Owner to remove their Vehicle from the storage Premises if they do not abide by these terms and conditions.

  28. No unauthorised access is allowed to any person other than the Owner of the Vehicle stored on the storage Premises.

  29. We exclude all liability for loss or damage in the execution of the duties on the storage Premises that are exercised with due diligence.

  30. Should a Vehicle become damaged whilst on the Premises, we shall inform the Vehicle Owner immediately. In cases where the Vehicle Owner considers they have a claim against Us, he/she is required to provide written details of a claim to Us within 72 hours of becoming aware of a potential claim.

  31. Where it appears that a Vehicle has been brought onto the storage Premises to abandon it, We may arrange disposal of the Vehicle under the provisions of the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act, 1978, as amended. A Notice will be issued to the Vehicle Owner and such costs of legally obtaining a Notice from the local authority will be recovered from the person who brought the Vehicle onto the storage Premises.

  32. Any changes in a Vehicle Owner’s details provided shall be notified to Us without undue delay.

  33. These terms and conditions form part of a storage agreement between You and Us.

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