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Caravan checks when back for short term storage

The checks to take when bringing your caravan back into storage can be vitally important to prevent breakages and expense.

Water Drainage

All water systems, including the toilet, must be drained down. The caravans freshwater when left will go stagnet within the drains and will not be nice to use.

By emptying the drains this will prevent foul odours and sanitary issues.

Pumps Turned Off

The pump needs to be turned off as this can burn out . This would then have to be replaced and fitted with a new one, this can be expensive.

Disconnect Battery

When your battery is not disconnected it can drain itself. Your 12V systems will need to be switched off too unless you have solar pannels or an alarm.

Keeping Fridge/Freezer Ajar

Turn off the Fridge and Freezer and remove all contents leaving the door ajar.

Removing all food will help keep ants and other bugs and rodents out of your caravan.


Dry the interior and leave a vent or open a window on latch 2 but ensure rain can't enter, this will contribute to preventing damp.


Close the curtains to stop the sun from bleaching the upholstery. It is best to leave the blinds up as if left down for an extended period of time the spring in the cassette may stretch and cause issues with movement.

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