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Polyplastic Windows

Caravan window repair or replacement Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston is available at Stewart Morleys Caravan Storage.

We supply and fit your chosen replacement polyplastic window in your caravan, motorhome or campervan.

Your much loved caravan can have its windows damaged, stolen or lost and this can be very stressful and disappointing. Getting in touch with us can elievate some of that stress as we can match your window to its orignal specifcation, then order and fit your polyplastic window for you.

Your window may have been cracked, scratched or had accidental damage in which we can support and advise you on having it fixed or replaced.

Discolouring of windows are common and can be very unsitely especailly if you have just bought the caravan and wanting it spic and span.

Get in contact with us and we can help you recify the problem by removing that pressure of getting it right and having a replacement window put in.

A delaminated window is a problem that can occur were the outer Polyplastic Window detaches from the inner Polyplastic Window, and they come away from each other, this then can cause problems like filling with water and steaming up.

Looking at your window you may see names like Roxite and Holland. Roxite is part of the Polyplastic Group and Holland is the location of the leading manufacturer, this information cannot help when trying to find the correct window.

The information needed to order the correct window can be found on our Polyplastics Windows Form.

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