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Deep Clean your Caravan

Needing to give your caravan a clean, and we are meaning a real deep clean. Running a hoover through the inside to pick up them bits that has been dropped is a quick fix… but when was the last time all of those cushions was cleaned under, oven was cleaned, or had your toilet systems deep cleaned?

Why It Is Important To Keep Your Caravan Clean

Caravans are especially prone to becoming dirty as they are used for holidays and when on holiday you want to rest not clean up. They also spend their lives on the road, with families in and out in all kinds of weather. It is vitally important to show a good amount of care to the interior of the caravan as you do to the outside and under the hood.

It is important to know that we don't just hoover and remove dust you can see, we are talking about the dirt and dust you can’t see. We would definitely recommend doing this if you aren’t the first owner of your caravan as it can sometimes be a little shocking to find out what is hiding within your furnishings. It will definitley be worth it.

Deep cleaning your caravan will reduce the dust you in-take when inside your caravan and definitely helping the lifespan of your furnishings. Potentially a good lot of mould will build up through periods when the caravan isn’t being used, deep cleans will help prevent the spread of mould.

Process of Cleaning

The most effective way to deep clean your caravan is to have a plan. A planned approach to cleaning will take less time, but also ensure you cover the entire caravan.

I would separate the cleaning by rooms, i.e. bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. When working on a room it’s a great idea to start towards the bottom end then work your way up taking rubbish with you to the access point. Breaking the areas down removing cushions etc and cleaning is the best way to make sure no area is missed.

Tough Marks Or Stains

Checking your caravan for any stains before starting is a good idea as you can then apply a cleaner to soak in while continuing with other cleaning. Hopefully then when coming to remove the stain it will be alot easier to remove. Always read the label and remember not to leave the cleaner on for too long as this could also cause damage to the material.

Water & Plumbing Systems Deep cleaning is when you go above and beyond the normal clean of visible parts of your caravan, the plumbing of your caravan, the water systems are areas that need to be looked at as they build up germs and types of mould. Keeping them clean is essential for a healthy living environment. It is important you use the correct chemicals for both the clean water and the waste water in your caravan.

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