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How to prevent DAMP

Your caravan could start to smell musty, or you could see black spots of mould or mildew showing. If this happens you can put actions in place to prevent damp happening in your caravan.

  • Keeping your caravan ventilated

Moving air about within a small area is important as condensation can ruin ypour caravan. Try to keep the caravan as ventilated as possible.

  • Using a dehumidifier

When you are back from holiday and it's back in storage, you could use a dehumidifier in the caravan for a few hours to remove any excess moisture.

The moisture can come from the shower, a boiled kettle or boiling pans.

  • Keep shower steam contained

When using the shower, keep the door shut, to stop the steam entering the rest of the caravan. Wiping the walls down can help.

  • Dry any wet washing out of the caravan

Drying laundry is also a cause of condensation so get yourself a little drier to help with drying your wet costumes or towels.

  • Always check for any leaks

Leaks in the main frame joints can cause damage that is unable to be fixed.

Check window seals, the rubber surround can rot or come away from its adhesive.

The most leaks come from the windows. Putting sealant around the leak won’t always solve the issue.

A good downpour can show where the rain is getting in, don’t put off a minor repair as this will just get worse. Book in with us for service and repair.

  • When storing your caravan for winter

Buy a good, waterproof breathable all-round cover as this can prevent damp,

remove cushions, mattresses etc from the caravan and leave all cupboard doors open.

Wipe down all surfaces and ensure that there is no water left in the bath/shower room and toilet.

You can book cleaning in for us to do this when you bring your caravan back into storage.

Check your caravan a couple of times during the winter storage period and be sure to give your caravan several airings.

  • Damp meter

A moisture metre or a damp metre is a portable instrument designed for measuring the moisture levels in a range of building materials including wood, concrete and plasterboard, perfect for caravans.

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