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Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries and car batteries - what’s the difference?

The difference between a car battery is that they are designed to give out a larger amount of power in a short space of time and then being recharged quickly. A leisure battery is made to store power and then release it over a much longer period. You could use a car battery in a caravan but it won't do well long term.

The 12V equipment in a caravan or motorhome relies on a leisure battery. The leisure battery is made up different from a standard car battery as it is made to handle the loads and patterns of usage that are common in caravans and motorhomes.

How to look after your leisure battery

The leisure battery discharges and recharges which shortens its life.

To prevent any damage to your leisure battery, it is important not to leave your battery discharged. When your battery is left discharged, sulphation will set in. This leads to sulphur crystals forming within your battery and on its plates which can damage your battery leading to you having to buy new. Overcharging your battery can cause damage as it gets too hot causing the plates to break down.

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